Anything not exclusive to a specific app is documented in this section.

Permissions - Take Control

Rigidas understands that your business is important. At times, it may seem impossible to find applications that not only help you run your business more efficiently, but are also tailored to your specific needs.

That's why we've built a flexible yet robust permissions system into all of our business applications. With permissions, you can customise what your applications can and can't do by adding and removing features as you see fit.

Start by going to and logging into your account

Next, select the app you want to manage from the applications section. You can now take control over each feature the app has to offer

Features can be locked down, so that users can still see them but are unable to use them, or hidden altogether

So that you can still personally benefit from all the features your applications have to offer, set an admin PIN. Anyone who knows the admin PIN will have complete access to every feature in your app.

Start by going to your account page, and open the General tab

Here is where you can change your admin PIN

All of your rigidas apps will have the ability to toggle admin mode on and off. Simply enter your PIN and off you go!